Humble Student Of The Markets

As I write this, the 10-yr produce is about 4.2% and the S&P 500 is trading at 21.8 times reported income and 14.6 times forward cash flows. In recessions, analysts cannot forecast forward profits well so we’ll get rid of the forward P/E. Using reported earnings and plugging the results into the Fed model, which includes well-documented problems, the market is undervalued. One of my other favorite guidelines in looking for a bottom is the valuation of the investment banks. The investment-banking institutions have a tendency to bottom out at a price to book ratio of just one 1 during intervals of economic stress.

The major investment banks such as Morgan Stanley (MS) and Merrill Lynch (MER) are now trading at 1.3-1.4 times publications, down from about 1.5-1.8 in late April. Lehman Brothers (LEH), which has had well-publicized troubles, trades at a discount to book value now, as are some other brokers such as E-Trade (ETFC). The trouble is, of course, we don’t quite understand how good the reserve value figure really is as there could be further write-offs coming down the street.

Despite these mixed signals, the marketplace might not get screamingly cheap even as we are likely in an interval where the market moves sideways (see prior comment). Predicated on these considerations, I’d rate the valuation metric to be neutral to mildly bullish. I love to keep an eye on the trouble spots of the economy in order to time the submit the marketplace. The troubled industries in this recession are financial and real estate. Employment is another area that inevitably falls off in economic slowdowns. The financial and investment banks may be near levels where they stabilize but these stocks and the other problem groups remain underperforming without result in sight.

SEC. 14. Organizational Structure of the QCDA. The General Manager shall prepare the organizational structure of the QCDA that would best perform its capabilities and functions and attain the goals of this Act and shall present the same to the Board for its approval. Subject to authorization of the Board, the overall Supervisor shall determine the rates of allowances similarly, honoraria and other additional settlement, that your QCDA is hereby authorized to give its officials, technical staff personnel and consultants detailed to it.

In all situations, the QCDA shall be included in Republic Act No. 6758, as amended by Joint Resolution Nos. SEC. 15. Inventory of Lands. In conducting the inventory, the 3rd party appraisers shall show the type of land use, the degree of land utilization and other data or information necessary to carry out the purposes of the Act. They shall submit their report on the appraisal and inventory of lands to the Board, the Quezon City Mayor, and the Quezon City Council. SEC. 16. Identification of Sites for Socialized Housing.

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The QCDA shall give budgetary priority to on-site development of government lands. SEC. 17. Completed Projects: Management and Disposition. The QCDA shall determine, create, and maintain the most feasible and effective program for the disposition or management of specific urban renewal, housing, or resettlement projects. Unless otherwise decided by the Board, completed housing or resettlement projects of the Quezon City government will be managed and administered by the QCDA: Provided, The fact that areas and residents have been consulted on such plans completely.

SEC. 18. Eligibility Criteria for Socialized Housing Program Beneficiaries. In coordination with the Quezon City Council, the QCDA shall design a system for the id and sign up of competent program beneficiaries relative to the objectives of the Act. SEC. 19. Issuance of Bonds and Capacity to Borrow. The securities and bonds issued under this Take action, including the income thereof shall be exempted from all kinds of local fees and from connection, execution, and seizure which facts shall be thereof stated on the face.

SEC. 21. Dissolution. – In the event the QCDA is dissolved for any reason, all of its properties and other property remaining during such dissolution shall revert to the Quezon City authorities. SEC. 22. Applicability of the Corporation Code. The provisions of the organization Code, insofar as these are not inconsistent with the guidelines and procedures provided in this Take action, shall be relevant and suppletory. SEC. 23. Separability Clause. Should any section or provision of the Act be declared by the courts to be unconstitutional, the validity of the Act or any part hereof other than the part so announced to be unconstitutional or invalid shall not be affected.

Any part hereof not affected by such declaration shall stay in full drive and effect. SEC. 24. Repealing Clause. All laws, ordinances, executive orders, administrative orders, guidelines, regulations, decrees.- and other areas or issuance thereof that are inconsistent with the provisions of the Work are hereby revoked, repealed, or modified accordingly. SEC. 25. Effectivity. – This Act shall take impact fifteen (15) times after its publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general blood flow in the Philippines.