Unrefined shea butter is one of nature’s most appropriate products. For over 2000 years unrefined shea butter has been used by the people of various African civilizations from royalty to the farmer, for beauty to medicine. It had been found to have been used in ancient Egypt by the Pharaohs Cleopatra, and Nefertiti as well as the Queen of Sheba. Extensively today for a variety of needs African farmers and villagers use it, including cooking. Lately, all of those other global world has been fast catching on to the many benefits and uses of the valuable, edible unrefined shea butter.

Raw, unrefined shea butter is created from the nut of the mangifolia tree, additionally known as the shea marine tree which is indigenous to Central and Western Africa. It could be within 19 African countries including Ghana, Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina and Nigeria Faso. Unrefined shea butter is the most desirable grade of shea butter and this article refers mostly to the unrefined type of shea butter although there are uses for other grades.

There are a variety of uses for unrefined shea butter including uses in makeup products, medicine, and cooking. For unrefined shea butter, the cosmetic uses have a long list of benefits for your skin, hair, and nails. The antioxidants in Vitamins A, E, and the non-saponifibale excess fat and alpha-linoleic acids of Vitamin F are responsible for the anti-aging and epidermis treatment properties.

Treating the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Soothing scratching from allergic dermatitis. Treating scars from burns up and small wounds. UV safety from sunlight (not used by itself as a sunscreen replacement unit) and treatment of sunburns. Moisturizer for the hair, skin, and nails. With these benefits could it be any wonder that the cosmetics industry is quick to say they have shea butter put into lotions and hair products? However, the merchandise is generally no more unrefined and the supplement content of the shea butter generally in most mass commercially produced cosmetic products is often so reduced that there surely is no real take advantage of the shea butter.

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Medicinally, unrefined shea butter’s anti-inflammatory properties seem to be produced from the cinnamic acid within the butter. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties it’s been used in African cultures to treat sore muscles and joint pain. In some national countries of Africa, the butter has been used to take care of nasal congestion also.

It is also used as an all natural treatment for athletes foot and also to sooth and stimulate diabetic epidermis. The butter is also be used as basics for some pharmaceutical medications. In Africa, unrefined shea butter has been used as part of cooking food long. Chocolatiers use shea butter of cocoa butter in some the chocolate recipes instead.

The taste is slightly different from the cocoa, but the fat content remains showing it to be a cost-effective, delicious replacement for cocoa butter still. Not often mentioned, shea butter is ideal for restoring wood and leather, their cells rejuvenated by the oils in shea butter. It is also used for conditioning musical instruments and making candles. The ladies and girls of the villages in Western and Central Africa are responsible for making unrefined shea butter using the same process today that was used centuries ago for everybody from farmers to royalty.