Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders

Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders 1

There has been a lot in the news headlines about ethics lately. Or rather about he lack of them. The news includes affairs by senior government officials, questionable e-mails from senior military officers plus the usual news of students’ cheating, Congressmen lying, CEO back-dating stock professionals, and options spying on their boards – among other things.

The question is often asked “why do smart people do dumb things?” I want to put it a different way, individuals who are smart – or not so smart – need to do the proper thing. So what does that mean? Do not rest, cheat, or steal. Ever. No excuses. “But everybody else is doing it” must have halted before junior high school.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. This pertains to customers, employees, family, and suppliers members. A couple of no short cuts to success. Success is the full total result of hard work over time. Anything less is luck. Communication. Say what you imply and suggest what you say. We all have been swept up in double talk, buzz spin, and words. Consider what you say – whether it’s one on one, to a small meeting, to the board or even to an auditorium of people.

Put exists in plain English. Walk the talk. In the event that you say something – others turn to one to live it too. In the event that you expect something from others you must live it and lead by example then. No secrets. Whether it’s over the phone, e-mail, discussion – or “IM” – there are NO secrets even.

If you’ll not say something to your mother – then do not say it to others in the “privacy” of conversation, e-mail, or other communication vehicles. Visibility works both ways. PR is great when you wish everybody know about something wonderful you did. Think about when you take an action that is not so wonderful? Think about it. Could you want your activities on the leading page of the newspapers or on the 10 O’clock news report?

Whether you are in the email room – or the part office – or anywhere in between, the way you act every day – in and out of the office – speaks volumes about you. Live life as an open book. Follow the simple concepts discussed. George F. Franks, III is the President and Principal Consultant of Franks Consulting Group – business, career, and nonprofit consulting practice.

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