I Don’t Think I Know HOW EXACTLY TO Shower?

I Don't Think I Know HOW EXACTLY TO Shower? 1

First, are you experiencing any African American/Black or Native (South America/Polynesia/Hawaiian/US Tribal) ancestry? So, very first thing – lose the unpleasant plastic scratchy thingy. Save the planet, save your epidermis. Look for a nice gentle washcloth or sponge (I’m not a huge fan of sponges but if you pick a sponge, once weekly run it through the dishwasher, ok? Germies. Next up go directly to the store and look for less harsh soaps.

Unless you’re out doing building or roadwork or just bodily getting VISIBLY dirty, you don’t really need real soap very much. Look for brands like ‘beauty pub’ ‘gentle purifying’ ‘paraben-free’ ‘sulfate-free’ and ‘moisturizing’ – snag containers and tubes and pubs and creams and smell them til you prefer one. A couple of aisles over, body and lotion oil. I’m the whitest white girl that ever whined, but I understand that coconut oil even, argan oil, and almond oil are for your skin lovely, but really at this time anything ‘non-comedogenic’ (means won’t clog pores) is a good choice.

Note for the buying of stuff: You don’t need to spend an armload and prevent anything that discusses rejuvenating or peeling or firming. You want to fix your skin before you put acidity onto it if you can normally. Next up. Back home. Wash DAILY. Gently, with your washcloth or sponge.

Go gentle – no manic scrubbing! Pretend your skin layer belongs to a baby. Ignore your hair – put it in a net or try not to soak it completely just. Wash your hair every 3-4 days is okay. Wash your SKIN every single day. When you get out, PAT yourself mostly dry with a clean towel? Leave yourself a bit damp and then get that lotion or cream or oil or whatever you got and follow the directions to slather it on ya. Focus on your ‘flakey’ areas. Some epidermis might come off in little peels or lumps as you massage therapy the lotion in, that’s okay.

Try to ignore them til the cream is soaked in, then lightly brush them off when you’re dry. Go drink a good 8 oz. Of water Then. Drink about that much water after each shower, and before every meal, and before bed, and first thing in the morning – as soon you can manage it.

  • Consult with doctor for medication to relieve itching
  • 1 tablespoon rice flour or cornstarch
  • Improves the appearance of acne vulnerable skin
  • DO exfoliate once weekly to eliminate the buildup of dead epidermis cells

Water. Not him or le Croix or sprite or tea. Do everything that for a solid month (not kidding) and see if you FEEL better – less scratchy and limited and itchy, and LOOK better – fewer scales or ‘ashy’ areas, fewer flakes. Stop and change products if you get rashes, or get sniffly unexplainably, or get head aches from the scent. Go back to the store and try again.

IF that doesn’t help whatsoever, or if it can help just a little but you’re still ‘shedding’ like mad, time to visit the Dermatologist and discover if you have something common like exams or medical-level dry pores and skin. They’ll have higher-wattage treatment plans and products and habits to follow that will most likely directly contradict what I just had written up above, but that’s ok. You are not doing anything incorrect, just seems like your skin is somewhat delicate, and needs some special treatment.

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