2. Boot From The Gparted Disk

Same here if we want to remove a column then same we use a same method. Windows can’t be installed on this disk. The selected disk comes with an MBR partition table. This is an error which is to occurring when someone is setting up a window on your computer. This is a hardware problem and can be solved.

There’s a great deal solution to solve this. 7. Create a fresh partition and select a partition to install Windows on. 8. Continue with install. 2. Boot from the Gparted drive. 3. Use Gparted to delete all partitions on the hard drive. 4. Under “Device” choose Create Partition Table to make a new partition table. 5. Create an NTFS partition (or you could wait around and produce a partition when installing Windows).

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6. Boot from the Windows install disk and install Windows Then. If you install a window on your PC through USB, first Check how to boot USB from Command word Fast then. When you shoe from USB you will see a problem in booting USB then. This problem is because of the format of booting USB commonly.

If you shoe USB in “Fat32” format then this issue is occured. Change the format to “NTFS” and then shoe it. I hope that this will work on your computer. If above of any method is not working then visit this. A common use of bootable flash drive is to use it for booting process. The bootable USB is also called live use, that have full operating-system that can be shoe. Then, Type “DISKPART” a fresh command prompt is open.

Then Enter “LIST DISK” and Press Enter. Now there is a summary of disks appeared on display which are hooking up to your PC. After this type following commands one at a time to execute booting. Now your just becomes bootable and then duplicate your WIndows document into USB. And you are able to install windows through your USB then. IDE which can offer them a comfortable and easy programming environment. So the primary thing is to choose the compiler that will make your programming job easier.

It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU compiler collection) as it’s compiler. Cgwin or any other GCC centered compiler. Google AdSense is a scheduled program run by Google for the publisher who made their blog or websites on Google. Google AdSense provides a very good platform for beginners. Newbies can start their there blogging journey from. First of all make a G-mail account, if you already have an account then don’t need to create it. Go to settings Then, and open up “Video Manager”, . From features Enable Monetization. After enabling a green signal is showing up on Monetization.

Monetization In Monetization choose the option, how will be it paid? And from that, you are at the page of register of Google AdSense accounts. Submit your application by filling all the form. The most important thing to write your postal address very carefully, because with this address your Account PIN shall be delivered. So fill it carefully. After filling the proper execution, sent an application for making an account on AdSense.