French Beauty: How To Perfect The ‘French Look’ And Allure – Expat Guide To France

French Beauty: How To Perfect The 'French Look' And Allure - Expat Guide To France 1

French beauty revolves around optimizing a woman’s allure in an imperfect and apparently easy way. Find your French style with these French beauty secrets – from Parisian local people. We hear about French women’s beauty, who are infamous for their elegant sophistication, their self-confidence, and their Chanel-inspired trendy femininity. I understand, I’ve too heard it, but the thing is, it’s all true: Parisian women are fashionable and French women are seductive (Atlanta divorce attorneys sense).

French woman involves some sort of genetic or ingrained sense of themselves. If they are not typically quite in the American sense Even, they are appealing, so much so, that people don’t notice they aren’t Sophistication Kelly’s spitting image even. I’ve learned a lot from as an inside-observer within Paris.

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Over many years, my very own clothing style, makeup practices and grooming routines have all been greatly influenced by my close observations of French women’s beauty. Since becoming part of my belle-famille, however, the lessons have increased exponentially. My mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and thirty-odd female cousins-in-law have all taken me under their wing to acquaint me with the secrets of French femininity.

Some of the rituals they inform me date from a great-great-great-grandmother who used her own skin cream concoction and resided well into her 90’s with not a wrinkle on her face. The start of all French beauty tips must start with the foundation. For those who know me, this is a pretty remarkable suggestion since I never thought I wore much makeup to begin with. Certainly in comparison to lots of the ‘southern belles’ I was raised around, I indulged hardly. But it’s not really about all makeup. It’s about the foundation. And it’s about application. Thick case basis is a no-brainer for the French.

The men hate it, makes them think – according to my hubby and his friends – of a clown or a woman you’d remove to a membership but could not buying to meet up with the parents. I started to look around and pointed out that French women, generally, don’t wear foundation. Or, if they do, they use it so you cannot inform they have any on sparingly. If you need a foundation to cover spots or blemishes, I’m with you. And there are a few tricks as to how to make it look like you have that perfect French epidermis without the ‘cake face’.

I use, for instance, a cream foundation stay (by Terry) well matched up to my skin tone and dot it on the spots that need camouflage with my index finger. This works well really. The trick is finding the perfect color for your skin tone and blending. Here’s another guide: I found out a makeup artist would you a terrific job in her videos explaining how to achieve flawless cover. Although she is British and we’re talking about French beauty tips, she is exceedingly talented (and her videos are in English). So for a French fabulously, perfect complexion, have a peek; it’s well worth your next ten minutes.

The second French beauty suggestion I observed after moving to France was that Parisian female are not completely put together like some of us Americans. Save for the aristocratic women who wear matching designer suits rather, scarves, shoes, and bags, most French women combine and match to achieve an easy look.

This advice, enough ironically, comes straight from Chanel herself. This is an excellent line. For anybody who align yourselves more with Elizabeth Taylor, try focusing on one main eye-attracting item at a time. If you’ve got beautiful earrings, leave the necklace at home. If you have a busy-patterned dress, forgo other accessories except for a few bangles perhaps.