Difficult Diabetic Days

Difficult Diabetic Days 1

I hate it after I run into walls, day drunk or am dizzy and it feels like I have already been on the two. I had a mild coronary attack this year 2010 and didn’t even understand, I was having one. I went to the doctors and of course I was positioned on high blood pressure medication and a cholesterol tablet.

It was gentle I only needed to take the bare amounts of each. That was 3 years ago and now I am being upped because I am having a hard time keeping them in check or maintained. So I am focusing on a higher dose of each, added a cardiologist to my doctor’s programs and a neurologist as well now. I guess you never really can understand what others go thru until you have it yourself. I know it may sound like complaining but it’s not necessarily. I do have to make others realize what it feels like to the best of my ability, and that might be through my own experiences.

Everyday and Night something is going on to me as a Diabetic. The morning I am usually so dizzy it is difficult to walk because I stumble into walls In. My sugar is usually at about 174- 202 waking no matter what I chose to do before bed. Can you believe that those things are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to Diabetic Difficulties or Medical Issues that I have coped with Diabetes therefore do so many others.

The thing I hate the most though is when I can’t keep in mind things and they could be small or large. I’ve learned to make notes for myself and do things right then and there. It is hated by me when people tell me, “Oh that’s alright don’t worry about any of it, you will remember later then you can tell me.” Not true!

If I really do it is times or weeks or Months. I’m tired since it is always so up and down beside me even though I really do whatever I can to keep it regular, my Diabetes hates me. The day is a challenge challenging Each, but I am alive and willing to learn and review and share so others can know very well what we go through so we can come together as a residential area. Remember if you aren’t Diabetic that it’s an extremely difficult Disease which is not necessarily curable by reducing your weight sometimes its in the genes.

It affects your Brain, your Heart, your Eyes, your Kidneys, your Liver, your Pancreas, your Gallbladder, your skin layer, your Thyroid therefore much more. I would love to know your tales. I would love to talk about your living and your work with your disease or that of those you take care of. Together we can help to make things better through communication and information.

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