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Have you done any depositions or in-person interviews at your brand-new job? How do each goes? You’ve mentioned before being more timid personally than you find here. I’ve done a number of formal interviews, in-person and over the telephone, since arriving to the SEC, but nothing on the record. 800 one hour standing up over your shoulder using their steady stream of opinions about how exactly you’re carrying it out wrong.

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In the high stakes litigation my firm generally do, depositions were an extremely big deal and there is rarely a period the client was prepared to let an associate do one. On the SEC, we take interviews and testimony at all times and we may bring the witness back again as often as we need, so there’s usually much less pressure surrounding the whole lot. You begin to realize, hey, I’m smart, of course I can do this! And you also do and it’s really good (and it’s really really fun to remind the witness that it’s a crime to lie for an official of the Commission).

Also, to the last point, I don’t believe I’m more shy in person, I’m really not shy at all, but I believe I’m less assured. Are you sleeping better? If yes, what worked? I struggle with insomnia too and the times when you’ve had it, I’ve pondered if it’s real stress.