Education Company GEMS Shelves Multibillion Dollar London IPO -..

Education Company GEMS Shelves Multibillion Dollar London IPO -.. 1

LONDON/ABU DHABI, July 11 (Reuters) – The initial general public offering (IPO) of Blackstone-backed, Middle East-focussed education company GEMS has been shelved, three resources familiar with the problem said. Sources familiar with the deal acquired said the London list was delayed after authorities in Dubai unexpectedly decided to freeze tuition fees, signifying the business’s financial forecasts had to be adjusted.

GEMS declined to comment and a spokesman for Blackstone did not immediately respond. Among the resources said private collateral firm CVC had expressed an interest in acquiring GEMS, but it had not been clear whether the celebrations were still in discussions. CVC didn’t respond to a request for comment immediately.

5 billion. Since July 2017 in terms of market capitalisation That would have made it the biggest IPO in London. GEMS is majority-owned by Dubai-based Varkey Group, which has interests in education, healthcare, construction and facilities management. A spokeswoman for the group declined to comment. The London exchange is concentrating on more companies in the Middle East, seeking to convince investors it is attractive despite uncertainty about how exactly Brexit shall affect London. 194.the yr before 3 million in the comparable period. 550.a 12 months earlier 4 million.

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