New Diet Drug, Qnexa A Breakthrough?

New Diet Drug, Qnexa A Breakthrough? 1

GlaxoSmithKline has announced it’s shedding the OTC version of Orlistat i.e. Alli, an eating plan drug from those drugs they sell. Cite: Weir MA, Beyea MM, Gomes T, et al. Orlistat and severe kidney injury: An analysis of 953 patients. New diet drug, Qnexa a breakthrough? Interestingly enough, the news headlines article in many news services including the NY Times, recommending a “new breakthrough” in obesity drugs, appeared lately – cheerleading a drug that was not approved by the FDA – what’s happening?

However, the most weight lost on the best dose of both drugs, Topamax – a medication used in lower dosages for migraine Phentermine and control, was 18 pounds over a period of a 12 months and a month (56 weeks). In other words, that’s significantly less than 1/2 or weekly! It is possible to lose more excess weight with a Richard Simmons workout program no diet! And without endangering your wellbeing with a medication which already has been suspected to cause heart problems and another medication about which folks have complained bitterly of the psycho- aspect results including dizziness and brain fog!

Not astonishing, the studies figured the difference in weight reduction between those on the drugs and the ones in the placebo group (the latter lost 5% of their weight), was “of nominal statistical significance”. Not exactly earth shaking as the news story would like us to trust, is it! Furthermore relating to an article in the LA Times, this is one of the tests done for FDA authorization (which has not been given at this time) rather than a new study!

And finally, predictably, it was funded by Vivus, the pharmaceutical which is trying to market the drug. Notice the little plug about diabetes in this article – diabetics seem the new target group. Using old statistics about diabetic repercussions (like what folks in the 1960’s before modern medications sometimes experienced), these groups are scaring people who have diabetes into extreme and sometimes unsafe solutions.

The joint always feels “stiff” but is a problem if I stop doing the exercises. And I have been lured to try to ease off a genuine quantity of that time period within the last several months. I find that Then I tend to have problems with increased stiffness and even a little pain. But I must admit that a short span of exercise usually eases the symptoms and I exercise regularly for a while until I get lazy again.

It can not work however, sooner or later I begin to feel the twinges and stiffness, and need to start again. I think it is best to simply do a few brief stretches and strengthening exercises. Bend the leg by putting the foot on a higher stair, and lowering your body by bending the other knee. Straighten/stretch the calf and bear down on the knee to add a little pressure. I really do this several times alternating the stretch out and flex. It helps to stand on underneath step and hang the good leg over the edge. Do this five times roughly.

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These exercises take 10 minutes maximum and prevent the tightness and pains. Every day without fail EASILY was not so sluggish I’d do them, but I appear to be so busy always. I must admit that the stationary bike and the stepper have never been used for quite a while.

I did see my doctor and talked about that exercise seemed to help. He didn’t reply but viewed me along with his eyes rolling, as if to say, “Foolish person, you have said everything”. Of course he was polite too, however the message was got by me. And the message is, keep carefully the exercising up. Not merely does it help the operated leg but helps if the exercises work on the nice (also?) leg as well. I must say I need to ensure that I could find that few minutes daily – and that means every day.