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30 billion one if cash will keep accumulating. Buffett has said that each bone in his body tells him to carry to his GS warrants, so we know he really loves the business and the management. Anyway, to the WFC-GS merger back again. Since this is a whopper of a deal, the best way this can be done now will be a stock-for-stock merger. Because WFC is trading at 1.3x publication and GS is trading under publication, it might be accretive to WFC deliciously! Of course, I doubt GS would sell itself at under book value, and certainly not 30% below book value. But let’s have a look at this in any case.

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This is a blog, not just a deal book (so I can do what I want!). So at current prices, WFC would need to issue 1.4 billion stocks to take out GS. What would happen if the deal gets done right at these levels now? 4.70/share, or 18%. That’s a nice bump in BPS. Just how many years would it not take for MS to do that on it’s own? But a lot of that might be offset if the GS can generate higher ROE within WFC than on your own. The most important reason why investment banking institutions are trading below book is their solitary digit ROE.

There are a lot of reasons why this merger would be good and of course many that would be bad. First of all, I would believe that the regulatory and political environment would be very harmful to this deal. I’m uncertain WFC wants the headache of having to worry about the Volcker rule and other regulatory issues. I think both MER and JPM are doing much better than GS and MS partly because of the cross-selling advantage.

Dimon has mentioned that before. Also, capital efficiency is another big plus, even though I am aware most people would disagree with me, and say that concealing a dangerous investment lender behind a FDIC/taxpayer backed bank is an awful idea. I’ve never subscribed to that view, but of course this offer is recognized by me would be a nightmare for those who do take that view.

I don’t necessarily advocate this merger even although more I think about any of it the better it seems. As a trader, we can’t just respond to short-term results and events and seek instant gratification. I still think it’s wise to check out investments and assess them on what you think they can earn in a far more normalized environment five years away or so. So this above analysis is short-term oriented; I am reacting to the poor results at independent investment banks over the past 12-18 months. I have no idea about MS, but I still like GS and think they’ll do very well over time.

To keep all of these data points directly, Joe and Blake created a network of collateral materials that improve the reader’s experience beyond simply reading the epic novel. Want to know when Luther Kite makes his first appearance? Go to the Cast of Characters page and follow the internal link to Kite’s first time on stage in Part Two.

Every major character has an admittance on the Cast of Characters web page that’s clickable with their first appearance in the reserve. Curious about how Jack Daniels got her start searching for serial killers? Check out the full story chronology — for both Joe’s and Blake’s books — in the comparative back matter. Because SKU takes place in periods before, after and concurrent to Joe’s and Blake’s related work, head to the Storyline Endnotes section to discover what happened before or after events in this book.

But these exact things aren’t the real brilliance of this collateral material. Why is this stuff so great — from a business perspective — is that it’s generating visitors to buy other books by Joe and Blake. So, you’re requesting “what if this is my first or second reserve probably?” At minimum you should think about some of the things you find in paper books: an author bio, acknowledgments, a dedication, a one-sheet hype page, blurbs. I proved helpful lately is indie posting her first Young Adult book.