Disclaimer: I work for ContentPlum. Social media feeds are changing the true way businesses, individuals, and brands connect with their followers, customers, and fans. Social media have quickly embraced the idea of a live social media wall. Or known as a live public media hub normally. Marketers are adapting the live and real-time way to do SMM now. Content is king as the niche goes.

But then what can defeat real-time-as-it-happens-type live interpersonal conversation. So far the SMM attempts used to deliver good sociable content. Social conversations used to happen which helped businesses/brands/individuals. It could help gain grip. But many of these used to be so-called “static” content on multiple sociable media outlets. A small business could be showcasing their product on Facebook.

And just as before tweet a comparable on Twitter. And post-awesome product photos on Instagram also. But many of these are standalone social content on the respective social media outlets. The idea of exhibiting these live interpersonal media feeds changes everything. It helps increase consumer engagement, generate social proof, boost cultural presence.

But most importantly it helps businesses and brands to provide a unique experience to their fans, followers, and customers. And lastly, these live social media hubs help deliver real-time live social content as so when it happens. More benefits of such a live social media wall exhibiting live interpersonal feeds are described in Top 5 Advantages of using a SOCIAL NETWORKING Hub. There are many ways of allowing cultural content for the utilization of these social media walls. You can do sociable media contests and campaigns to generate photos, comments, and reviews. Running a targeted hashtag campaign helps generate very specific relevant content for display.

Find out more about how to take advantage of such ideas in our Products Overview. Various social press streams can be used to build a live social mass media wall. You are able to make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feeds. RSS feeds can provide valuable social content and reach also. The idea stays the same, no matter the industry vertical.

Whether you belong to the eCommerce industry or the Restaurants market. You could be working and managing a meeting. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Walls / Hubs could help display live social media feeds on any outlet. It can benefit you empower an audience. It can benefit you create social buzz. And at the end of the day it can help you deliver a distinctive creative experience!

Note: does your computer have 8 GB RAM or more? Then you can neglect this item, because with so much RAM you probably won’t notice any advantages from applying it. In the hard disk drive there’s a separate document or partition for digital memory, called the swap. When Mint uses the swap too much, the computer slows down a great deal. Mint’s inclination to use the swap depends upon a setting called happiness. The lower the setting, the longer it requires before Mint begins using the swap.

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On a scale of 0-100, the default setting is 60. Which is much high for normal desktop use too and only fit for servers. A detailed explanation can be found here (hyperlink inactive? Then download this pdf file with the same content). Launch a terminal window. Save the written text file and reboot your computer. Note: if your hard disk drive can be an SSD, your machine will reap the benefits of a straight bigger decrease in happiness.

That’s because way too many write actions, like regular swapping, decrease the lifespan of the SSD. For an SSD I advise the happiness of just one 1. Check these tips for optimizing an SSD for your Linux as well. 6. Whenever your computer boots into a dark screen after you’ve installed the shut-proprietary Nvidia driver for your video card, this is a remedy often.

7. Note: the following applies only to Nvidia graphics credit cards running on the Nvidia limited driver. Launch a terminal screen. Press Enter. Type your security password when prompted. In Ubuntu this remains invisible entirely, not dots will show when you type it, that’s normal. In Mint it has changed: you’ll see the asterisks when you type. Now you can properly configure your screens, with this useful tool from Nvidia.