Lip Art Leading Ladies

Lip Art Leading Ladies 1

This installment of our own Lip Art Leading Ladies series shines a spotlight on Johannah Adams and beyou.byjoh. The gifted New York City-based professional makeup artist, week and whose work has graced periodicals and websites who have been part of New York Fashion, time with her lip masterpieces skyrocketed to social marketing stardom this past. Johanna’s lips are a true blank canvas that she transforms into art inspired naturally and such everyday items as earrings and a mobile phone case! Here’s a peek into Johannah’s imaginative process. Mehron: How many hours can I try to create such complicated lip skill and take the images? Johannah: Each lip design takes a different timeframe.

My more elaborate looks may take around one hour to create. Then getting good injections and the editing (lamps, saturation, depth, clearness etc) requires even more time to carry out – possibly 2-3 more hours. Mehron: How do you put a lot details into one lip? Johannah: Carefully. A ring can be used by me light that helps me see in much more detail, along several different brushes.

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My brushes range between tiny, tiny ones that I have to buy at fine art source stores specially, to a mascara wand brush that I lower portions out of to make a specific effect. Most of the materials I use are liquid like or movable, so I need to carefully time might work, because gravity begins to dominate at a certain point.

Mehron: Who or what inspires your lip art work? Johannah: There have been many makeup painters who’ve pioneered this lip artwork phenomenon. Their creativity helped open up my realm of creativity and I started to drive myself to greater creative limits. I also go through the world for ideas. My first crystal lip art was inspired by a bit of my own jewelry. Mehron: Why is Mehron products so favored by so many musicians and artists doing lip skill? Johanna: I believe because Mehron produces products that exceed just simple makeup. Products that act like what a painter would need because of their canvas. Products that focus on the creative expression. Mehron: What Mehron extreme/performance products are your lip art work go-to? Johanna: I’m hopelessly obsessed with the metallic pigment powders. You can create so many different results with that powder and different combining mediums.

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