Rhonda’s Creative Life

Believe it or not, my most challenging birthday was while I turned 20. AFTER I was a young child, I imagined turning 13, it seemed to me a magical number. The entire life I envisioned for my teenage years was quite definitely out of a sitcom, Father Knows Best. Of course, no life is a television show, but what I got was significantly, from what I dreamed far. He thought for certain that he previously something on me, that I would like to again be a teenager once, like him! Since that 20th birthday, this is the first time that I actually considered my age.

As I thought, I understood that what I have now is SOOOO much better, and my answer was no. He was surprised! I replied that my teenage years were from happy much, but more importantly, what I have now, my life and what I can do, I wouldn’t operate them for anything.

This student is now a grown-up man with a lovely wife, a valuable baby girl, and another baby on the way. A few weeks ago, The opportunity was had by me to attend a brunch where Angela Missoni was the guest speaker. She was so lovely and this inspiration. During the reception, I met an extremely interesting woman, Wendy Packer of Fashion Over Fifty.

Her life story is quite interesting. She began life as an oncology nurse, became a lawyer, and then a mother. She started her blog as she has a passion for everyone, especially women to live life to its fullest. She feels that she has been “called to awaken every woman to the realization that she is full of wondrous beauty everyday she actually is alive.” I really like that! Since Wendy has had her blog, she’s produced 3 fashion shows for Bloomingdale’s, featuring models over 50. Her blog is filled with wonderful tips, news on events, and fantastic ideas on dressing and pairing wonderful ensembles. I love this ensemble, especially the shorter pant style.

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You value your click thru rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR). CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Use Social Media as a way to connect to customers-one to 1 messaging through DM or remarks. You care about positive brand mentions and social shares. Retention: Social networking can be great for reengaging customers and getting them back to your website.

You value traffic from repeat users per week. Referrals: Ask users to share your post or page using their network or their friends. Turn your visitors into marketers. You value shares and how many friends your followers tag on a post. Below are a few tools to use, which means you can see whether you’re hitting those goals.

Mention: Scour the net to see if you’re being pointed out on any public platforms. Simply Measured: See how your social media campaigns drive results through your transformation funnel. Google Analytics: Track traffic that’s coming in from social press. Okay, you’ve determined your route goals. Now, how will you design a content strategy that gets results? Start by getting a head start with current best practices and competitive analysis.

TIP: Always lean on the side of content that provides value to the customer. Begin by understanding what the guidelines are on each route. Buffer and Social Sprout publish rate of recurrence guides each year to give an idea about how often to post on each route; utilize this as a starting place.

Next, choose five rivals in your space and five of the most innovative companies on your desired channels and stalk them. Yes, stalk them online and take notes. Frequency: Just how many posts per week / month? Of day What time? Types of content: How do you categorize their content? Partnerships & Guest Posts: Do Influencers dominate their twitter deal with or run their Instagram stories? Just how do they manage partnerships? Giveaways: Do they run giveaways on the accounts? Are they promoting collaborations with other brands? What’s generating their spike in likes, comments, or shares?

Hashtags: Especially for Instagram and twitter, what hashtags are they using or not using? Engaging with People (Actually, Being Social): How are they interacting with users? Do they speak in the comments or take the conversation to point message? Which kind of content creates the most comments? Last, join the blog of each social route you’re on. This enables one to be the first to know when they move out a new feature. They’re tech companies, so they’re innovating always.