WHAT’S Racism And Why Trump ISN’T A Racist

WHAT'S Racism And Why Trump ISN'T A Racist 1

The election of President Trump in 2016 was disruptive on many levels. He was the underdog rather than expecting to win. He was the best outsider with no previous political experience. He defies all chances and knocked out 16 other candidates in the principal and ended up winning and defeating Hillary Clinton.

Who would have guessed? Well, I and a few conservative pundits do. We believed Trump was uniquely qualified and at the right place with the right time to win. However, it was disruptive to many Americans as well. How do America vote for Trump? A racist and a misogynist, to be President?

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In conversation with many of my friends and colleague, it has come up over and over and I decided to write this article to address this matter. Updated Jan. 18, 2019 with addition of opposing views. In my discussions, it became clear if you ask me that not everyone gets the same definition or knowledge of racism or a racist.

They don’t distinguish racism as a personal perception vs. Also, they don’t understand there are many degrees of racist behavior or thoughts. It is not a binary choice. Furthermore, they don’t acknowledge there may be racism practiced by some social people other than white people. Reverse racism is alive and well.

Let me start this dialogue by defining what I am aware to be racism and racist. Once I do so, then we can check out evaluate and detect whether a person is considered a racist. The charge of racism or being truly a “racist” or their phrase is thrown around too often in our press. In fact, it is known to be a common tactic used by some political groupings. When discussion of sociable issues get warmed ever, invariably, the “R” term is used to avoid the debate, to silence the opposition.

It works since it is such a powerful word with all types of negative connotations. In the event that you remember the OJ trial, the protection team was accused of working the race credit card from underneath of the deck. It proved helpful and OJ was acquitted of murdering two different people in cold bloodstream.

That is how powerful the competition card still performs in our culture. Another observation watching TV commentary shows is how when an issue on some pressing issues get warmed, when the one party is loosing his discussion, the “R” word can be used as a last resort. That is usually when the audience knows the person has lost. Racism is the fact that one race is superior to another race, and a racist is somebody who hold that belief and tend to judge another purely based on their skin color.

A more legal term of racism goes one further. We have laws and regulations on the books that prevent folks from discrimination predicated on competition. If someone is accused of racist practices, there are legal and legal charges that may be taken to address them. Then there is individual racism. Another distinction is you could have a public department such as a local police in some city or town in which a cop may be considered a racist but the department is not. In order for systemic racism to exist, the whole section must practice the same bias against a particular race purely predicated on pores and skin.

A specific cop, who’s a racist, will not imply the whole department is automatically. That cop if caught in a crime would be prosecuted like any other individual who commits hate crimes. Therefore, an individual can have racist perception, and speak out in public areas, but still fall in your laws.