JUST WHAT EXACTLY Is A Profiteering Award?

JUST WHAT EXACTLY Is A Profiteering Award? 1

110). The written book Excellence Awards are run by Literary Brilliance Included, and up to now will be the only awards program provided by that company–but I’m sure that will change. Profiteering awards often come in clusters. So what is a profiteering award? What makes such honors a “beware”? Continue reading. What follows is a post I originally put online in 2015, but is still very relevant today.

I’ve updated it to reveal changes in prices and details and to then add newer profiteers that have sprung up in the past few years. If you’ve been scanning this blog for just about any amount of time, you might have guessed that I’m not a huge fan of writing contests and honors.

Partly it is because so most are a waste of your time, with minimal awards, negligible prestige, and little if any true name acknowledgement. You will want to spend your energy on something that can get you nearer to building a readership–submitting for publication, or publishing on your own? There’s also the chance of bad things in the admittance guidelines–for example, the Best Story Competition, where in fact the grant of publishing rights is expanded to any “alternative party” finding a copy of the access. Writers who don’t browse the fine print carefully enough may find themselves stuck by such procedures. And there are the contests/honours with a hidden agenda: making money for the sponsor.

Such honours aren’t really about honoring writers at all. Which complex of warning flag that identifies profiteering competition and awards programs. Solicitation. To increase entries, profiteering honors and contests solicit entries. An out-of-the-blue email, or an ad on Facebook, urging you enter a contest or awards program should always be treated with caution. 100, or more even.

There may be “early bird specials” and multiple-entry discount rates to tempt writers with the illusion of the bargain. And that’s not counting the books you need to send for award consideration–a considerable expenditure, if the profiteer only allows printing. Ratings or Dozens of entrance categories. To maximize income, profiteers create as many entry categories as is possible and encourage multiple entries.

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  • Tell me about a time when you delegated a project effectively
  • Have extra security while you’re sending or receiving data
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Anonymous judging. Profiteers guarantee expert judging by people with standing in the writing and publishing field, but don’t show the identities of the purported experts. In fact, the judging may be done by the profiteer’s personnel, who may choose winners out of a headwear simply. Non-prize prizes. In order to avoid cutting to their income, profiteers offer prizes that cost them little or nothing at all: press releases, media announcements, website, and database listings, features on satellite television websites or in self-owned magazines. Some offer more than the supposed honor of earning the award little.

Opportunities to spend more income. Profiteers’ earnings don’t just result from entry fees. They also hawk stickers, certificates, critiques, and more. Profiteers may deviate from this template to some extent: some do provide money awards, for instance, and not all of them solicit. 50–you should think very about entering carefully.