The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser 1

I stayed occupied today with work at the studio, a midday video aim for this Sunday’s Winning Loser Video Blog plus some afternoon duties back at the radio station. I made time to get ready the right pause and food for a few introspective representation. Honestly, no, I don’t. I did after my initial 275-pound weight reduction. Then Back, it wasn’t an attitude of recovery, it was–okay, I did it, now I have to figure out how to maintain this monumental change.

The concentrate was too broad, too overwhelming, without fully investing in daily recovery methods especially. Now, the focus is very much indeed rooted in today and what I’m doing today in order to protect my continued recovery and resulting maintenance. The same accountability and support tools used during weight reduction continue to be in effect every day. The whole lot about finding a groove you can live with the rest of your life?

This could it be for me personally. And if I start to sense like it’s a pull, then I must immediately check myself and consider the alternative, then make modifications if needed–but let go never. Because I know from experience, it only takes once to start the dominoes falling in their familiar pattern. And if that happens, I’ll certainly get back to 500 pounds and beyond.

I don’t fear it. I simply understand it and fully appreciate that my ongoing maintenance and recovery depend on my acceptance and application of certain daily procedures in self-care. I’m worthy of the effort. The trade is, I reach live life at a wholesome weight with all of the physical independence it allows. And better even, I reach exist with the mental and emotional independence good recovery procedures encourage and create.

Gone is the resentment over the necessity for this degree of importance. I spent a lot of years attempting to and trying to take care of food like “normal people.” This negative perception suggested I wasn’t normal, as though something was wrong with me. Nothing was incorrect with me. I might have experienced like there is because I used to be exhausting myself looking to be someone else’s normal. WHILE I began to embrace my normal, that’s really when things started changing for the better.

This is me and I’m alright. And that feels great. SHOULD I dread 500-pound Sean? No. I really like him because he could be me, minus the proper care and attention my normal requires. I’m blessed, pleased, and truly happy with where I am and what’s forward in this one day at a time approach.

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Showing up at a family group reunion at least fifteen years ago, maybe a few more. 26,000 people–all of these disappointed to get ten minutes of my stand-up act and only six minutes of Sinbad before the violent thunderstorm forced the cancellation of the event. I had been rockin’ the mullet! Speaking at the kickoff of a hospital-sponsored weight-loss event.

The author of this tale got the facts mixed up. I’ve been blessed with some very special moments on the way, which one rates right up close to the top. Dark roast with two tablespoons half & half X 2 mugs. 3 eggs with & 1 the egg, 1 slice each: mozzarella, Muenster & provolone.