Will Jada And Smith Pinkett Smith Launch Multimedia System Company Westbrook Inc

Will Jada And Smith Pinkett Smith Launch Multimedia System Company Westbrook Inc 1

Jada Pinkett Smith and can Smith have launched Westbrook Inc., a multimedia system business that will encompass the subsidiary companies already possessed by the Smiths, including Overbrook Entertainment and Red Table Talk Enterprises, the couple announced Wednesday. Westbrook Inc. will alsocomprise the newly produced Westbrook Studios, Westbrook Media and the merchandising business Good Goods.

Kosaku Yada will lead the new endeavor as CEO. He is became a member of by CAA’s previous mind of global customer strategy, Tera Hanks, who’ll provide as Westbrook Inc.’s leader. The united team is curved out by COO Gila Jones, CFO Kevin McDonald, and VP of Business Development Jesse Uram. Westbrook Inc. will create brief and mid-for digital content as well as more traditional TV films and series.

The company will begin starting content under the new banner starting later this month. “We are so thrilled to announce this new project and fully immerse ourselves in every region of the press and entertainment space,” Westbrook Inc. co-founders Will Jada and Smith Pinkett Smith said in a declaration. Westbrook Studios would be the studio home for any of the company’s film and TV projects such as Jada Pinkett’s Smith’s Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk,” as well as projects from Westbrook Media and Overbrook Entertainment. The company will also develop starring vehicles for Will Smith.

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Steve Bender has joined the studio in the role of development finance. Overbrook Entertainment will continue to be led by founder James Lassiter and leader Caleb Pinkett. Westbrook Media is led by CEO Brad Haugen and is a digital content studio that works with talent and brands to develop short and mid-form content and social media management. Lukas Kaiser and Sadao Turner lead creative and strategic path of the ongoing company. The company has worked on Will Smith’s social media, the social channels for “Red Table Talk,” “Aladdin”, and Jaden Smith’s water brand JUST Water.

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