Uninspiring. Who Needs Another Black Eyeliner?

Uninspiring. Who Needs Another Black Eyeliner? 1

Giorgio Armani has introduced avant-garde makeup for Fall 2012. The Easy Chic Collection comes in two “classic harmonies,” neither of which seem classic to me. I previewed the collection here. 2, Neo-Brown here. Now that I finally have Neo-Black in my hands. I’m ready to offer you my impressions.

88) – in Neo-Brown and Neo-Black – look snazzy. They feature a black lacquered double-tiered case with a magnetic closure motivated by the Rouge d’Armani Lipsticks. On the first tier, you’ll find a feather-light powder with micronized particles of Micro-Fil technology to light up your skin with the personal Armani shine.

On the next tier, you will discover two matte eye shadows in intense hues and a shimmering illuminator/shadow – also formulated with Micro-Fil technology. The Neo-Black Palette carries a transparent face natural powder in Sheer Beige, teamed with Soft Beige, Taupe, and Jet Black Eye Shadows. The top level is a natural powder, a transparent face natural powder supposedly.

I’m uncertain whose skin they had in mind. For my fair skin, it’s way too dark to provide as a face powder, too light to certainly be a useful browser yet. The model above can’t be wearing it as a face powder. The low level has one beautiful shade, the brown that looks great in the palette, in addition to the black. They are nice-enough eyes shadows, however they aren’t unique.

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I don’t believe anyone will consider them must-haves. See what you think in my swatch photos below. I applied the tones intensely, and I watched with a sponge-tipped applicator. My photos were used late-afternoon sun, but with a light cloud cover. Ho hum. The powder, shown near the top of my arm, is a warm peachy powder slightly.

I applied it greatly to get the color you see in my photos. I have no idea anyone whose skin that color. I’m not sure how it was designed to be utilized. The shimmering eyesight shadow/highlighter is gorgeous, a shimmering beige – very fairly and useful. The cool, intense brown belies its appearance in the palette – nice enough, but not essential if you have Neo-Brown.

Uninspiring. Who needs another black eyeliner? Who requires a black eye shadow? Who needs a black eye? Personally I think guilty writing a less than stellar review of a Giorgio Armani Beauty product. I live in Armani. I really like Armani. Given the purchase price, I could easily have offered in this Neo-Classic Yeux Teint Face & Eye Palette.

I’m sure there’s a person for this; it’s just not me. I’m too conservative. I’d recommend you give Neo-Brown a look-see if you want a fresh treat from Armani – or one of the new Rouge d’Armani shades. The brand new Easy Chic Face & Eye Palettes are currently offered by Nordstrom’s Site (and stores where there can be an Armani counter-top). They have not been published at the Giorgio Armani Beauty Web site, and they have never arrived at all stores that offer Giorgio Armani makeup products. They will arrive soon, I’m sure. It’s just very easy to look online at Nordstrom, using its free shipping and quick delivery relatively.

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